Full paper DiGRA/FDG online

The full proceedings of the DIGRA/FDG ’16 – First International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG are now online in the DiGRA digital library. The conference itself was held in August in Dundee, Scotland (see here). Many members, both staff, students, and affiliates of our Game Studies group were present and presented their work. Below, you will find and overview of all the full papers which wound up in the proceedings, including my own:

Glas, René. Paratextual play: Unlocking the nature of making-of material of games.

Hurel, Pierre-Yves. “Playing RPG Maker”? Amateur game design and video gaming

Ottens, Michel. Enacting aporia. Roger Caillois’ game typology as formalist methodology

De Smale, Stephanie. Game essays as critical media and research praxis

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